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Securitization Services

Since 2012 Caplantic has been active in the structuring, advising and servicing of transactions targeting the optimization of financial institutions’ RWA. By leveraging our longstanding experience, we have managed to execute various large scale balance sheet securitizations that introduced both customized structural features, as well as diverse asset classes, to the European market.

Through first-hand experience we have learned that perceived complexity is one of the main reasons that stops financial institutions from pursuing promising risk transfer and securitization projects. By working with banks across the entire spectrum, we have gained the necessary experience to assist our clients with all aspects around the execution and internal implementation of large scale portfolio deals, including:

  • Structuring

  • Regulatory compliance

  • Technical infrastructure

  • Internal processes

  • Internal and external Reporting and replenishment services

The choice of the right instrument is crucial in structuring efficient solutions. Our services aim at covering the whole range of risk-transfer, risk-sharing and funding solutions.

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