Capital Relief

Our “home game”: Structuring, servicing and supervising transactions targeting the optimisation of financial institutions’ risk weighted assets (RWA) as well as setting up similar transactions for other regulated market participants to achieve the most optimal outcome.

A functioning banking system is an integral part of a healthy economy. The recent financial crisis has demonstrated that an unstable banking environment can have severe effects on nearly all economic sectors. As a consequence, regulators around the world have heavily tightened bank capital requirements.

Considerations for banks: Efficient capital management has become an important competitive advantage. In an increasingly complex regulatory environment it has become ever more challenging to identify legally possible and valid structures, to implement transactions successfully and to prepare portfolio data in a transparent way.

Insurance companies will also face significant capital requirements over the coming years. Initial estimates currently predict that in the German insurance industry alone the implementation of Solvency II will lead to additional capital requirements of more than ten billion Euros. We believe that capital relief products like default swaps or financial guarantees will play a more prominent role for insurance companies in the future.

Caplantic has significant experience in this field and can support its customers actively in all phases of relevant transactions.

What our experts say

Caplantic provides specialist expertise in credit risk and loans, which is becoming more and more important for corporate investors as the tendency for insurance companies and banks to collaborate on Solvency II and CRD IV / CRR cases increases. A detailed knowledge of banking and analytical processes enables Caplantic not only to monitor complex loan transactions but also paves the way for offering its own private equity and infrastructure funding products to third party investors with proven track records in the alternative investment sector.

Dr. Thomas Mann
Board of Directors’ Spokesperson | Ampega Investment GmbH

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Caplantic`s Capital Relief building blocks
  • Synthetic and true sale capital relief measures
  • Structuring
  • Data mining
  • Placement services
  • Due Diligence services
  • Implementation of transaction processes