The current regulatory environment puts more and more constraints on banks, insurance companies and other institutional investors. We offer individual advisory services in this field to support our customers in handling these challenges on both the asset and liabilities side of the balance sheet.

Our advisory approach includes all elements of the value chain:

Professional and risk sensitive investment selection is based on detailed analysis of the selected industry, the underlying technological parameters, the cash flows and the risk drivers. These building blocks should form the basis of each investment decision. Caplantic provides its customers with an analysis of the relevant building blocks and an independent risk management of the investment over its entire life cycle. We see ourselves as a link between investors, who are interested in alternative investments and their corresponding risk models and reports, and originators of such assets and the respective banks.

Our advisory approach includes
all elements of the value chain:

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Caplantic`s Financial Solutions building blocks
  • Pricing guidance / pricing benchmarks
  • Valuation of single loans and/ or loan portfolios
  • Advisory on asset valuation reports for equity investments (e.g. ships, aircraft, real estate, infrastructure projects)
  • Close monitoring of green field projects